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Whether public, on-premise or hybrid: Modern data centers are more dynamic than ever. This is accompanied by complexity, especially when it comes to security. The challenge lies in maintaining an overview of the rapid development of new infrastructures, applications, distributed systems and end devices as the person responsible.
The physical security of data
Data center security refers to the physical practices and virtual technologies used to protect a data center from external threats and attacks. A data center is a facility for storing IT infrastructure, which consists of networked computers and storage devices that are used to organize, process and store large amounts of data. For private companies moving to the cloud, data centers reduce the costs of running their own central computer networks and servers. Data centers offer services such as data storage, backup and recovery, data management and networking. Because data centers contain sensitive or proprietary information such as customer data or intellectual property, websites need to be secured both digitally and physically.

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This datacenter is conceived with a multi-layer approach regarding physical security and protected access to the IT space: high security fencing, CCTV, check-in control, man-trap, and ECB-S room-in-room system with fortified doors.

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