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Tier 3 Certification

The design of this new datacenter is fully Tier 3 compliant and the goal is to start the certification process from day 1. A tier 3 design is mostly common for world class colocation operations.

What a Tier Classification Means for a Data Center and Its Infrastructure

The data center TIER definitions define criteria, but not specific technology options or design choices to meet the Tier. Tiers are flexible enough to allow for many solutions that meet performance goals and compliance regulations.

Each data center can decide the best way to meet the Tier criteria and business goals.

Uptime Institute can rate and certify a design and facility using the standards from the Tier classification requirements to give a Tier Certification.

This certification means that the infrastructure has no weak areas, and the data center has worldwide accountability for excellence.

The Uptime Tier Certification process is an unbiased assessment that ensures all parties involved meet the given requirements and expectations.


A TIER III data center is concurrently maintainable with redundant components as a key differentiator, with redundant distribution paths to serve the critical environment.

Unlike TIER I and TIER II, these facilities require no shutdowns when equipment needs maintenance or replacement.

The components of TIER III are added to TIER II components so that any part can be shut down without impacting IT operation.

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